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So many skin care manufacturers fail to create products for different skin types and individual skin conditions.

They say their products “work for all skin types” but you and your skin are unique. And so are your skin conditions.

With more than 30 years of experience in the skin care industry, we know a thing or two about your skin’s health and wellbeing.

Our founder and head formulator, Jane Fransman, has a passion for, expertise within and dedication to the skin care industry that is second to none, specialising on chronic skin conditions and skin health and wellbeing for women.

At Skin Solutions by Jane, we provide you with luxurious treatments made uniquely for your skin condition so that you experience the salon experience at home.

High performance peptides and potent active ingredients are what sets us apart from the skincare on the market.

We perform a rigorous testing process on our skin care formulas to make sure we use the active ingredients in the exact percentages that will give you the results only genuine active skin care can provide.

We’re proud to offer 98% natural, vegan, cruelty free products that are formulated and made in Australia.

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Having launched her original skincare range in 2004 (Your Skin Solutions International), Jane Fransman has always been passionate about helping people solve chronic skin conditions and creating optimum skin health and wellbeing.

Using her Masters Degree in Cosmetic Formulations, Jane has helped many women all over the world correct complex skin conditions, including Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, and Acne and reversing the signs of ageing.

She formulates and makes her own professional-grade dermatology products in Australia with her own special lab and ingredients designed to deliver incredible results.

Having owned several dermal clinics and launched a popular salon range, International Skin Specifics, Jane’s unique formulas are high in active ingredients and potent peptides and have been used extensively by skin clinics and trained professionals throughout the industry.

Now re-launching her new and improved formulations and online business for her customers worldwide, Skin Solutions by Jane, she is dedicated to lifting years off your face, addressing your specific skin solutions and helping change lives of women by giving your fresh, glowing skin you love.


The quality of skincare products and their ability to get visible results depends on two things: the active ingredients they contain and the percentage, or dosage, of those ingredients in the products.

If the product doesn’t contain active ingredients in sufficient doses, it will not have the desired effect on your skin.

Applying an active formulation of topical antioxidants to the skin means there are far higher levels of each antioxidant when applied to the skin than when taken orally.

For example, with Vitamin C, topical application achieves 20-40 times the level achievable with oral vitamin C. That’s why we work closely with internationally recognised scientists to base our specific skincare formulas on cutting-edge, scientific results.

We formulate products with potent active ingredients sourced from oceans and plants, natural amino acids, peptides and the most sophisticated cell and molecular biology techniques to deliver youthful, radiant skin.

Our products take action from the first application. Our customers report a visual change within 24 hours.

Here’s what we use in our products to get you the best results:

  • All of our products are Australian-made, 98% natural, vegan, high in active ingredients, cruelty free and not tested on animals.
  • We focus on high-performance peptides and natural preservatives – all of the good stuff and none of the nasties.
  • We use encapsulated Vitamin C, the most advanced solution in the world to combat oxidation with a slow release that provides amazing results.
  • We use 100% natural Vitamin E (most companies do not) which increase by 10.6 when applied to the skin and improves your selenium factor by 1.7.
  • We don’t use any water in our products (only aloe vera).

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