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Cool & Calm Collection

Stengthens skin barrier for skin to become less sensitive, skin feels like silk from first application

Suitable for Sensitive or Reactive skin. 

Excellent for all age groups with reddened sensitive skin, or broken capillaries.

Your skin needs soothing and the skin barrier needs to be strengthened to reduce redness and fragility of your delicate skin.

Formulated with the latest development in technology and scientifically proven peptides and botanicals.

Progressively builds up the skin’s barrier by strengthening the sensitive capillary walls, allowing your skin to become less sensitive and reactive.

Your skin will take on a brand-new appearance and feel immediately calmer, soothed, hydrated and softer.

Experience change for a calmer, more supple skin.

If you have Rosacea, please use our CLINIC Collection which is specific to that skin condition.

  • COOL & CALM Buff & Polish Daily Exfoliant (Sensitive Skin)

  • COOL & CALM Gentle Calming Cleansing Cube (Sensitive Skin)

  • COOL & CALM Gentle Cleanser (Sensitive Skin)

  • COOL & CALM Pre-Serum Spray (Sensitive Skin)

  • COOL & CALM Serum Concentrate (Sensitive Skin)

  • COOL & CALM Soothing Day Cream Complex (Sensitive Skin)


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