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Hydrate Collection

Hydrating your skin is vital for skin health, Hydrated skin diminishes lines and prevents deeper wrinkles.

Suitable for ALL skin types and skin conditions.

All skins at some time will suffer with dehydration.

Designed to focus on quenching the thirst of all dehydrated, parched and/or deprived skins.

Visible lines will appear smoother and even diminish, allowing your skin to look much younger and healthier due to immediate softening of deeper lines.

For optimum results, exfoliate with our Daily exfoliant, then apply the serum or gel from this collection.

This collection can be incorporated with any of our other collections due to all skins being dehydrated at some time of the year, especially during the winter months.

Your skin will take on a brand-new appearance, looking refreshed and plump.

  • AAA DUO Pack (HERO Hydrating Serum Dew & HYDRATE Moisturiser for Skin Vitality)

  • HYDRATE 72-hour Super Hydrating Gel

  • HYDRATE Hydrating Cleansing Cube

  • HYDRATE Hydrating Dew Pre-Serum Spray

  • HYDRATE Moisturiser for Skin Vitality

  • HYDRATE Renewed Smoother Skin Super Hydrating Masque

  • HYDRATE Serum (Dehydrated Skin)

  • HYDRATE Super Skin Boost Hydrating Mask


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