HAND & BODY Solid Parfum Trio Pack


30g Jar (3 Pack)

100% Natural

Includes: Brise Oriental, Tapis Floral and Verdeur de Nuit

Quick, easy and discrete to apply.

Our fragrances deliver a holistic benefit of sensuality and wellbeing, focus, and empowerment to walk with confidence.  Enjoy the difference!!!!

Tapis Floral is our French Parfum fragrance which is light and luxurious with a unique mix of mystery floral with a touch of crispness. If you love to smell floral fragrances out in the breeze you will devour the delicacy of this French Parfum. This is Hand and Body Lotion which is great to have in your bedroom or by your bedside, also looks brilliant on your office desk with its sophisticated style.

Brise Orientale is a unique Spicy Oriental wonder, very popular for women who love a unique fragrance along with a Spicy Oriental Style. Men devour this sensual fragrance. It is truly relaxing and warm. Very Zassi with a distinct difference of sensuality. This French Fragrance delivers refinement of ones character. Enjoy! A unique with a splash of Spicy Oriental which is delicate, sensually warming to the heart. It is a fragrance to be noticed and loved by women who like to be unique to themselves. You feel all woman when wearing this fragrance, it is captivating.

Verdeur de Nuit Parfum is divinely different it is a Green Woody Fragrance with mysterious undertones of freshness with nightly dewy greenness. The mystical Forrest, very relaxing, the natural ingredients help calm anxiety and uplift your spirit. Our fragrances deliver an holistic benefit as a special bonus which are delivered with the natural ingredients. Enjoy the difference!!!! If you love the outdoors you will fall in love with this unique fragrance. It is 100% natural.


Suitable for ALL.

Revitalises, nourishes and smooths delicate or toughened skin that needs quality pampering.

100% natural vitamins and minerals.

Allows your skin to be renewed with softness and a fragrant silky finish.

Unique Parfum fragrances - Sensual Light Floral, enchanting Oriental Spicy or mysterious Green Mossy.

Experience change for renewal of the skin and relaxation of the mind and soul.

Our Parfum & Fragrances

100% natural Roll On or Solid options.

Smell divine and unique with the mysterious balance of difference.

Parfum fragrances to deliver a holistic benefit of sensuality and wellbeing, focus and empowerment to walk with confidence.

Sensual Light Floral, enchanting Oriental Spicy or mysterious Green Mossy.

Easy application and great handbag size.

There are some “NATURAL INGREDIENT” components within our formulations that may not be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women (e.g. some essential oils and botanical extracts) and not recommended for children under 12 years of age.