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Suitable for Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema and Specific skin conditions.

Our unique natural ingredients bring immediate control reducing the symptoms of these systemic skin conditions by calming soothing and reducing redness.

Instantly keeping skin softer less irritated while preventing any dry areas from cracking.


Specifically focusses on controlling red circular platelets (blotches) of 3 – 5cm in size, on the skin with all-natural ingredients that deliver results.

No more smelling of tar.  Outstanding results developed in 2002 by myself, a Dermal Clinician.

If you have large dark purple patches you need to seek medical advice.


Acts on depleting serious redness.

Smooths, soothes, and relieves discomfort of the skin from your first application, leaving your skin feeling calmer, comforted with less irritation.

Your skin barrier will be progressively strengthened, allowing your epidermis to be more tolerant to extremities with less irritation.


We recommend solely using the products in this collection, to ensure no other foreign ingredients can counteract the great results we get with these formulations.

  • CLINIC Cleanser (Psoriasis)

  • CLINIC Cleanser (Rosacea)

  • CLINIC Cream Complex (Psoriasis)

  • CLINIC Cream Complex (Rosacea)

  • CLINIC Daily Exfoliant (Psoriasis)

  • CLINIC Exfoliant (Rosacea)

  • CLINIC Serum (Psoriasis)

  • CLINIC Serum (Rosacea)

  • CLINIC Soften & Calm Cleansing Cube (Psoriasis)

  • CLINIC Soothing & Calming Cleansing Cube (Rosacea)


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