COOL & CALM – Gentle Daily Exfoliant – for Sensitive Skin


180ml Pump Bottle




This very gentle exfoliant, polishes and nurtures sensitive skin, while removing dead dull skin cells, leaving your skin soft and healthy.

For those with redness or broken capillaries on their cheeks you will feel immediate soothing, cooling and calming to the skin.

The gentle massage with this luxurious textured exfoliant allows your skin to feel like silk, soft, and a skin quench of hydration.

Follow up with pre-serum, serum and cream complex from our COOL & CALM or HYDRATE collections for optimum results.

For Rosacea prone skin use our CLINIC collection.

We guarantee Professional Salon Treatment Results
in the comfort of your own home. 

Made by a Dermal Specialist with 40 years’ experience

Every product has a unique formulation
for a “Specific Skin Concern”



This gentle polish exfoliant is soothing to the skin, removing the dead cells gently from the skins surface. Takes away the dullness of the skin allowing the skin to feel fresh and revived also feels soothed soft and supple.

The most important product everyone should use is a gentle exfoliant to keep their skin clearer, more hydrated, less lines and the list goes on…

Allows your Pre-Serums and Serums to penetrate to a deeper level.

Excellent for all age groups with reddened sensitive skin, or broken capillaries.

Your skin needs soothing and the skin barrier needs to be strengthened to reduce redness and fragility of your delicate skin.

Formulated with the latest development in technology and scientifically proven botanicals that help repair the skin barrier and professionally soothe the skin..

Progressively builds up the skin’s barrier by strengthening the sensitive capillary walls, allowing your skin to become less sensitive and reactive.


If you have Rosacea prone skin, please use our CLINIC Collection which is specific to that skin condition.

Specific formulations for your particular skin type and skin condition to get the best results.

Additional information: "A MUST READ"

Many say you can over exfoliate your skin or that it should not be exfoliated regularly.

With over 40 years treating 1000's of skins, please take note that men shave every single day and they have beautiful soft skin. 

Why because every time they shave they do not only take off unwanted hair they also shave off and remove dead cells from their face.   

I would like to point out that all of our

Exfoliants are specifically formulated for the different skin concerns you may have.

None of them are harsh to the skin.

We have Daily Exfoliants and yes, can be used once a day instead of using your normal cleanser,

we also have 2 x weekly Exfoliants, which are designed and formulated to optimise your skins health and give you a Salon Treatment finish to your skin,

especially if you have


sundamaged or

toughened skin that needs a deeper cleanse to improve you skin health with renewed softer skin texture.

If you only ever buy two products for your skin always make sure you have

a Daily Cleansing Exfoliant most suited to your skin

and definitely a Hydrating Serum for a good start to renewed healthier skin. 

You will thank me within a week because the change in your skin will be amazing. 

Exfoliating allows your Pre-Serum, Serum and moisturiser to penetrate to a deeper level, giving optimum results and not left sitting onto of the dead cells which act like a rain coat on the skin surface when you do not exfoliate.

We guarantee Professional Salon Treatment Results
in the comfort of your own home. 

Made by a Dermal Specialist

There are some “NATURAL INGREDIENT” components within our formulations that may not be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women (e.g. some essential oils and botanical extracts) and not recommended for children under 12 years of age.