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FACE LIFT Dermafill Pre-Serum Spray (Maturing Skin)


45ml Pump Spray Bottle

100% Natural

Helps lift and firm sagging skin whilst reducing deeper lines, giving your skin a renewed youthfulness.

Prominent tightening effect.

Use with FACE LIFT Dermafill Serum for optimum results.

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Suitable for Maturing skin types (…and those who want to stay looking younger for longer).

Professional face lifting action.

Dermafill action helps to lift and firm sagging skin whilst reducing deeper lines .

The lifting and tightening are immediate, and skin texture progressively gains more and more renewed youthfulness, day after day.

Experience change for a more youthful looking skin, younger than your years.

Our Pre-Serums

Add extra value to your skin by infusing valuable ingredients that compliment and allow better absorption of key ingredients in your serum and moisturiser of choice.

Silky soft and glides over your skin giving an instant boost and nourishment to balance every different skin type or condition.

Immediately comforts and soothes skin problems with active ingredients that deliver optimum results to improve your skin texture and skin health.

Your skin will take on a more youthful appearance.


Face Lift

Skin Type/Condition

Maturing, Sagging

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