LED PRO Lux Rose Gold Face Mask Glowing Skin Revive Clear Brighten







Completely relaxing your mind

while energising every skin cell on your Face

to immediately feel revitalised, recharged,

clearer or de age and rejuvenate you skin texture



“Clinically Proven” to calm Mental Stress and Anxiety for a relaxing experience.


For your best skin yet


This Led Lux Rose Gold has the all round light wavelengths to accommodate repairing and rejuvenating and clearing many skin concerns

Get your Spa like glow at home for an at “Home Spa Day.’’

Best suited for 35’s to 45’s for skin radiance, glowing skin health

Why? Rose Gold LED LUX FULL FACE MASK? This mask not only looks and feels very luxurious it delivers so many variations of LED wavelengths to meet many skin concerns. From 470nm to 590nm varying the depth of skin treatments to deliver results

This mask has soft silicone eye shaped pads that are placed snug around and against the eye area

Equipped with two adjustable straps to fit the face with comfort.

7 light Colour modes settings to suit many skin concerns. Everything from rejuvenating the skin and reducing dark patches of pigmentation, sun damaged skin, calming the complexion and reducing redness, while boosting the skins circulation which helps reducing blemishes for a clearer skin.

Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and is ideal for complete relaxation while sitting in a chair or lying on the couch.

The 15-minute treatment using this full-face mask is a great opportunity to chill out relax or read a book while you are reenergising your skin to a renewed healthier skin.

These LED masks will not last at this price, GET IN QUICK  –  A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT

1 Year Warranty

LED Lux Rose Gold Full Face Skin Glow Rejuvenation Light Therapy Mask

When this mask is charging the red light flashes when the device is fully charged. The one button operation a long press is on/off and a short press will change the colour lights of the device so that you can use on the colour you wish for your personal skin concern. This mask is sturdy and well manufactured and will last a long time if they are well looked after. This unit is wireless with a USB cable for charging.


This mask wavelength and strengths and information below are as stated by the manufacturer of this device.

Red Light option 630 nm is the anti ageing colour of choice, helps to improve skin collagen and elastin production targeting anti ageing and de ageing, dull, damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation.

Yellow Light option 590 nm Promotes a melanin balance reducing pigmentation which delivers a more even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation. Commonly used for reducing bags under eyes. Detoxifies Lymph and improves skin texture to become smoother overtime. that promotes and boosts circulation increasing red blood cells that reduce inflammation

Green Light option 520 nm wavelength Balances the oil and water content of the skin which is ideal for combination skin or occasional breakout.

The Blue light option 470 nm is primarily used to fight acne (anti Acne) by reducing the bacteria that produces pimples, reduce pores. It has also shown to help those with Psoriasis,

Purple Light A mixture of blue and red light Used to help reduce scarring

Cyan Light A mixture of blue and green light Used to detox the skin

White Light Used to reduce pigmentation


There are some “NATURAL INGREDIENT” components within our formulations that may not be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women (e.g. some essential oils and botanical extracts) and not recommended for children under 12 years of age.