LED PRO Rose Gold Face Mask – Skin Glow Rejuvenation



The unique Travel Case is a Special Treat for the holiday season only. Limited Addition!

Save 100’s of Dollars on Salon Treatment

This LED PRO Rose Gold Mask is your skin treatment new “Hero”

Choose the light mode to suit your individual skin.

Revive skin health and skin glow for radiant looking skin

Rescue different skin concerns

Reduce fine and deeper lines

Correct blemishes 

Reduces redness on sensitive skins.

Your perfect solution for PRO “SKIN REJUVENATION”


LED Light Therapy has been around for 25 years in “My Dermal Clinics”

but now you can use the LED Face Mask in the comfort of your own home.

The results are excellent when you use this mask 2 – 3 times a week for 20 minutes


You can use this LED Mask by itself on a clean skin or you can use this LED Light Therapy Mask with our Specific “LED MASK SERUM”



This is a special GIFT PACK which comes with a Unique Travel Case


Rose Gold Luxury PRO LED Face Mask delivers renowned skin Rejuvenation for Maturing Skin or Corrects and Balances many skin concerns.

Choose the light mode which suit your individual skin concerns and change the light mode as your skin improves.


The instruction manual is very straight forward with an easy to follow instructions.

Save 100s of dollars today the cost of one treatment in a Salon is 100's of dollars


There are some “NATURAL INGREDIENT” components within our formulations that may not be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women (e.g. some essential oils and botanical extracts) and not recommended for children under 12 years of age.