SMOOTH & PLUMP Collagen Serum Concentrate


45ml Pump Spray Bottle

100% Natural

For brilliant re-hydration and nourishment boosting of your skin.

Acts immediately to deliver a renewed skin softness and smooth texture.

Can use several times a day, even over makeup or straight after exercise.

Prepares your skin for use of our SMOOTH & PLUMP serum to deliver optimum results.

Recommended for 25+ years.


Suitable for 25+ years.

Reverse, prevent and delay the lines and wrinkles for longer.

Antioxidants focus on detoxing the skin to give a renewed smoothness, plumping, and softening of lines.

Reduces further degradation of the 2 main proteins in our skin, collagen and elastin, the natural proteins that keep your skin looking younger.

Formulated with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and active ingredients to support collagen regeneration and skin elasticity, to keep your skin looking renewed, refreshed with vitality and plumpness.

Experience change with a renewed skin, looking younger for longer.

Our Serums

Each serum has a specific focus on a Skin Type and Skin Condition to get the optimum outcome.

Formulated with the latest peptides, vitamins and botanicals to work on all aspects of revitalising your skin.

Absorbs well into the skin

Feel and see a visual difference in your skin immediately, experience the change and look a better version of yourself with vibrancy to your skin health.

There are some “NATURAL INGREDIENT” components within our formulations that may not be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women (e.g. some essential oils and botanical extracts) and not recommended for children under 12 years of age.