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Hand & Body Collection

Suitable for all depleted under-nourished skin.

Immediately hydrates, softens and smooths delicate or toughened skin that needs quality and specific pampering.

100% natural vitamins and marine minerals.

Each formulation is specific, allowing your skin to feel renewed with softness with a silky finish.

Experience change with refreshed, hydrate, and nourished skin texture, with the bonus of relaxation of the mind and soul.


Unique Parfum fragrances – Sensual Light Floral, enchanting Oriental Spicy or mysterious Green Mossy.

These 3 fine fragrances come in a roll-on for easy application, a solid fragrance for specific pulse points lasting all day, or a parfum spray for those who like to spritz a fine mist spray of fragrance that delivers a uniqueness to every skin.

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Our Cleansers

100% natural.

Self-foaming cleansing action with an unbelievably soft texture.

Gentle on the skin giving a deep cleanse to suit even the most sensitive of skins.